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WEC International LLC is North America’s largest financier of motor vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles for export.  

WEC International LLC has been successfully serving our loyal clients since 2009. Through our solid network in the United States, Canada, China, the Middle East and Mexico, we are able to satisfy our vast number of clients worldwide. Whether your requirements are automotive,machinery, food, commodities, timber, gasoline or other goods,  our years of expertise can help provide purchase order capital for buyers around the globe wishing to pay by Letters of Credit. We can also offer financing through our Credit Insured facility which is unique in the industry. Credit Insurance allows us to safely provide credit to your customers reducing the risk of default on your Accounts Receivable. Utilizing our long term banking relationships, we are able to advise Letters of Credit in the United States and London and provide capital on a credit insured basis.


We also finance the purchase and export of machinery, equipment, food, timber and other commodity products. We finance and purchase from any non-sanctioned country and ship to any non-sanctioned country. We have a wide network of fully vetted automotive dealers; food suppliers; machine and equipment suppliers, and a network of freight forwarders and trucking companies.  We provide insurance for all of our transactions through a substantial policy issued by CNA Insurance Company.

WEC International LLC is the market leader in financial support to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

We are proud members of the North American Automobile Trade Association and the European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders.

Our CEO and Founder, Charles Brofman serves as President of NAATA and has served in that role since 2017. He is recognized worldwide as a leader in the export industry. Charlie can be reached at or by phone at 917 747 7100.

Our Managing Director, Caren Raphael has worked with the global banking industry for over two decades and is considered the foremost export on Letters of Credit in the United States. She is often consulted by banks, funds, and exporters on using Letters of Credit and their terms. Caren can be reached at or by phone at 914 473 7773.

WEC International is the ultimate trusted trader.

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WEC International LLC is able to ‘bridge the gap’ for our clients by providing up to 90% of the Letter of Credit value. 

Our consistently reliable access to vehicle and machinery traders throughout all of North America and the EU, coupled with our highly vetted freight forwarders and warehouse groups, helps us execute seamless trades on a consistent basis. In addition, WEC International LLC provides insurance on all vehicles through a master insurance policy underwritten by CNA Insurance, backed by more than 120 years of experience.



WEC financed over
$500,000,000 worth of vehicles.

We have multiple credit facilities and can support the acquisition of 2 vehicles or 2000, and everything in between.

We have banking facilities to accept irrevocable documentary at sight letters of credit and can accept 60 or 90 usance LCs  will discount the payment upon presentation of documents. We currently have automobiles such as the GLS450; GLE450, G63, S500, BMW X7 and X5, Range Rover, Ford, Jeep, and many others. We have access to both new and pre-owned Class 8 trucks. We can also source special utility trucks directly from uplifters in the United States.

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​We handle all aspects,

from start to finish, including:

Substantial credit facility with

expertise in letters of credit

& procurement.

In-house risk
management teams.

Trusted sourced vehicles from Canada, United States, Mexico, European

Union and the Middle East.

Experts in bills of lading and other documents necessary to conclude

a transaction.

Established top level logistics

providers throughout North

America and Europe.

Ability to provide insurance through

our global carrier CNA with

reduced rates.



Trucks, Machinery & Equipment.

We finance the purchase and export of pre-owned truck, machinery and equipment. For pre-owned class 8 cabs, we have an established, reliable and certified network of truck dealers throughout Canada and the US. Our dealer network can source agricultural/farm equipment, construction equipment, road construction equipment, manufacturing machines and virtually every other type of equipment.

Other key factors that make us stand out:

  • Purchase, transport expense, and shipment of trucks with a letter of credit in place.

  • Insurance to cover the entire process.

  • Shipping process uses “roll on roll off” which means
    no dismantling of the units or need for containers.


  • Competitive pricing & full transparency for the entire process.

  • Expertise in handling trade finance, letters of credit, bills
    of lading, etc.

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WEC has expanded into the commodities finance and trade business.  

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We have developed sources for food such as frozen seafood; sugar; cocoa beans and coffee.   We are able to source timber such as teak wood from Costa Rica and pine and oak from the United States and Canada.  Gasoline; diesel fuel and coal are also within our reach.  As with the automotive and machinery division we offer payment by documentary letter of credit from approved banks.


This makes your trade safe and reliable and we take the risk until we deliver your goods to the vessel.  


Contact Us

We are members of the North American Automobile Trade Association and our CEO, Charles Brofman is the current President of the Association.  We are also members of the European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders

Charlie (CEO and Founder)

917 747 7100

Caren (Managing Director)

914 473 7773

Send us a message.

Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our US Office.

12085 SW Elsinore Drive, Port St Lucie Florida 34987


For US Enquiries please email

Tel: 888-421-5711

Call us if you are exporting cars, need to source cars, or if you are in need of trucks or machinery and equipment. Our Director of Business Development Caren Raphael can be reached at 888-421-5711 and 

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